Table Manners: Recipes for Negotiators

Negotiation is the pre-imminent way to resolve conflict, consummate commercial agreements, conclude collective agreements, resolve public policy issues, litigation, major contracts and international disputes.

Leaders are all seeking ways to enhance their negotiating skills.

This seminar reviews in detail the various aspects of the negotiating process.   We examine and analyze the core competencies to be a superb negotiator and examine the best practices of negotiators who are actually at the table.

Key Benefits:  What You Will Learn


●  You will outperform your competitors.

●  The impact of 4 game changers.

●  Understanding the 5 core competencies.

●  Examine the demons of negotiations.

●  The Power of Probing.

●  The Impact of Listening.

●  Why it’s okay to Say No.

●  How best to handle deadlocks/impasse/silence.

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