President and CEO

David C. Dingwall, B.Com., L.L.B., P.C., Q.C., L.L. (D)

The Honourable David C. Dingwall has had considerable private and public sector experience. In his capacities as a lawyer, national public figure, corporate CEO, Corporate Director, he brings considerable perspective to the issues of the modern enterprise.

Mr. Dingwall was elected to the Parliament of Canada on four different occasions. In 1997, as Canada’s Health Minister, he introduced and passed the Tobacco Control Act, and the World Health Organizational and the Canadian Lung Associations recognized this major achievement respectively.

As a Corporate CEO, Mr. Dingwall grew the revenue of the Royal Canadian Mint in excess $100 million in less than two years. He created hundreds of new jobs and was a world leader in innovation. Under his leadership, the World’s first ever coloured coin, The Poppy Coin was created.

Mr. Dingwall has considerable corporate governance experience. He is the former Chairman and Director of Trustees for Rogers Super Income Fund, Director of Web Standards Inc., Director of MD Life Insurance Ltd., Executive Member of St. Joseph Corporation, and a member of the advisory board for State Street Global Advisors. He has studied and taken Corporate Governance training at Harvard Business School in Boston and York University in Toronto.

Mr. Dingwall served as CEO of an international consulting company which provided strategic communication and government relations advise to large and medium size corporations. His clients included American Airlines, Sun Microsystems, IMP, and Atlantis Corporation.

Mr. Dingwall is presently Chairman and CEO of The Darius Group Inc. This corporation champions the growth of companies and works with executives to clarify personal and institutional goals so as to achieve their stated objectives. Mr. Dingwall also serves as legal counsel to the law firm Affleck Greene McMurtry in Toronto and he is currently a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University.  Mr. Dingwall lectures both in the MBA and undergraduate programs in field of negotiations.

Mr. Dingwall’s private and public sector experience has led him to conduct business throughout Canada as well as the United States, Australia, China, Japan, Sweden, Israel, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Barbados as well as many other countries.

Mr. Dingwall is a graduate of Dalhousie University in Commerce and in Law.  He has studied Corporate Governance at Harvard Law School and is a graduate of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD.D), Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.