Government Relations / Strategic Communications

At The Darius Group Inc. we have experience on both sides of the public policy table.  We operate domestically and internationally.  We understand what decision-makers want to hear from you and equally important how best to maximize your time and opportunity when you engage with them.

Governments, media and communities are important stakeholders for every organization.  Issues need to be carefully managed rather than being left to chance.  No detail ought to be overlooked.  Every outcome needs to be assessed, policy contemplated, politics considered, and messages carefully drafted and effectively delivered.

Here are some of the skills and tools we bring to our clients as it pertains to government relations and strategic communications.

●  Policy Analysis:  frank and detailed assessments of policy as well as their sub-text.

●  Intelligence Gathering:  on government issues.

●  Polishing your Message:  each narrative can benefit from a review by experienced and seasoned professionals.  We will work with you to ensure that your message is both powerful and compelling.

●  Positioning:  Ensuring that every opportunity for you to align your goals and objectives with that of the government has been truly tested and developed.

That space needs to be honored, and we don’t honor it